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Do you like extreme sports? 
You cannot imagine your life without hunting and fishing? 
Have you been dreaming of something new? 

“Trophy Hunt” is a Hunting Farm that offers hiking, hunting and fishing trips in the Arctic. All year round we will welcome you to our lands where you will be impressed with the most extreme weather conditions!

Trophy Hunt has the following base camps:

The Main Base at the Norilka River Base at the Ogapa RiverBase on the Bank of River Enisey
охотничье хозяйство рыболовные туры 1
This base is located ten kilometers away from Norilsk.  Accommodation is in two-storey cottage with all amenities. There is a sauna and billiards room. The base is located 250 kilometers north of Norilsk. This base is situated on the flight path of geese and that means you will get magnificent hunting experience! The base is located 120 kilometers away from the city of Dudinka. Accommodation is in a guest house with all the amenities. In addition there is also a Russian bath at the base.

Hunting and Fishing in Siberia from Trophy Hunt

Trophy Hunt offers various hunting tours to hunters and anglers. Our land is rich in game, fur and large animals:

 Deer Hunting begins with the first snow.  Hunters with assistance from our experts look for the animal in a jeep, and when they find it, they carefully drive around it not to scare it off, or go on foot quietly.

 Hunting for Wolverine is complicated affair because of this predator’s cunning and malice character.  It is recommended that hunter shoot it in the head or the front part of the body to immediately kill it, otherwise this little representative of a weasel family can injure the hunter and his dogs when protecting its own life.

Hunting for Partridge with hounds or applying on-foot approach starts at the end of August when young birds reach the size of mature birds.  Our land is open for hunting for this bird.

 Hunting for Wolf  is one of the large-scale types of hunting; it’s carried out in various ways.  It’s preferable that hunting for this gray predator takes place in winter-time when its fur is particularly beautiful.  Wolves of the Arctic region are bigger and prettier than their congeners in Central Russia.  So the hunting for them is much more interesting here.

 Bear Hunting will become most memorable event filled with strong emotions and a huge adrenaline rush.  The rangers who are perfectly equipped with knowledge of the terrain and habits of this animal will help you obtain this unique trophy.

 Hunting for Hares usually begins in the fall, when the animal molts its fur completely, and lasts throughout the winter.  In Trophy Hunt’s lands one can hunt this animal in different ways: with hounds, on the newly-fallen snow or from ambush.

 Hunting for Geese in Spring is truly the most difficult and at the same time the most exciting type of hunting.  After determining the birds’ routes and finding locations most convenient for shooting, our specialists will organize exciting hunting for geese from a hiding place and you will definitely get your trophy.

Exciting fishing for pike, red trout, white salmon, burbot, grayling, perch, whitefish, broad whitefish, peled, pilot fish and trout!

Summer Fishing;

 Ice Fishing is for those who are not easily scared by chilling cold and strong wind! During our fishing tours you will use cross-country vehicles and snowmobiles and will be accompanied by our experts who know all intricacies of ice fishing in these areas; For trolling in Trophy Hunt’s areas we use reliable and comfortable boats. During this fishing you will certainly have a large predator in your cage!  ;

 For trolling in Trophy Hunt’s areas we use reliable and comfortable boats. During this fishing you will certainly have a large predator in your cage! 

Обращайтесь в охотничье хозяйство «Трофи Хант». С нами охота и рыбалка в Сибири пройдет незабываемо!