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The Best Park of Technology for Your Pleasure

In Trophy Hunt you will find all necessary conditions for an ideal hunting and fishing. Well-developed infrastructure and the best technology are always at the disposal of hunters and anglers:

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охотничьи туры 1 Snowmobile Yamaha Venture Multi Purpose has a four-stroke engine of 80 hp, 499 cc, liquid-forced cooling, the fuel injection system that ensures efficiency and confidence in any situation.
2 3 Modernized OHARA SM50 all-terrain vehicle - made in Japan, 9800 CC engine, 310 HP, body enlarged and insulated at the sides has windows for shooting from inside without leaving the vehicle. It’s equipped with a TV set, portable satellite TV system for your comfortable travel.
3 4 Hagglunds BV 206 LOS – double-KUNGed (KUNG – standartized normal size body) tracked ATV with exceptional off-road performance, amphibian with speed of up to 4 km/h on water and a maximum speed of 50 km/h on highway. It can climb a slope of 45 degrees with up to 2150 kg payload.
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Boulton 24 Sport Cabin - 8.5 meter long, 2.59 meter wide, 1.5 tons displacement boat with six seats and 450 liters fuel tank. Equipped with Suzuki engine (300 hp), reaches over 70 km per hour speed, carries a navigator and echo-sounder.

Pleasure boat KS-100 is very economical comfortable boat with water cannon, length - 13 m, width - 3.5 m, draft - 0.4 m, equipped with Cummins diesel engine (25km/h) whose fuel consumption is about 6 liters per hour, carries a navigator and an echo-sounder.

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Eurocopter AS350 B2 is single-engine light helicopter that demostrates splendid performance. The helicopter has high safety characteristics and low operating costs. This model is constantly upgraded and remains popular for solution of wide variety of tasks. Mi-2 helicopter is a reputable machine for the conditions of the Far North due to its high flying performance and easy